"I suffered with diverticulitis that would not respond to conventional antibiotics for 12 weeks and my doctor started to talk surgery.  I was referred to Lucy and since introducing her natural approach to healing my gut, I have been symptom free and healthy!"
Loren H. -- Clarendon Hills, IL.

"Modern medicine is rapidly approaching an age where energy will be considered the main factor in the diagnosis and treatment of disease."
William Tiller - Physicist, Stanford University 

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"As a longtime advocate on wellness and natural healing I am a significant believer in the effective treatments and services of Lucy Arenberg, at LifeSpark Center.   As experts in the medical and alternative medicine community now know, the benefits of Quantum-Touch, and life force energy treatments have been proven without equivocation.  The healing power of our own minds, bodies, souls and those trained in the specialty fields of quantum energy is no longer in dispute."     

"As a senior business executive I have personally experienced the benefits of Lucy’s work, and the natural healing that is so important and prevalent as we all work to experience optimal wellness.  Recently after major orthopedic surgery I was treated by Lucy and immediately experienced positive results, increased energy, pain and tightness relief and most importantly the feeling of enlightenment during recovery as opposed to typical feelings of being lethargic or immobile.
I endorse, without hesitation the various treatments provided by LifeSpark and look forward to my next treatment.  Additional benefits include the uncanny insights provided by Lucy that are extremely helpful for further understanding and enlightenment."  

Michael A. Donahue
Dynamic Growth Mavericks, LLC

"Very comfortable, insightful and nurturing energy. We were able to completely dismantle a decade old limiting belief in a gentle way in under an hour. I am impressed at the progress made after only one session. Her intuitive impressions were completely accurate, I was completely amazed. Her inspiring and healing energy will shift you to a healthier place immediately. She really cares about people. She helps make good lives into great lives and encourages going for the gusto. We are fortunate that Lucy shares her spark with us all!"

Charlene M. - Arlington Hts., IL.

" I didn't know what to expect with my session at LifeSpark, but I knew I needed to try something new to get my life on track.  I had just finalized a divorce and had lost trust in humanity and myself.  Lucy did several sessions with me and each was a different and enlightening experience.  I am looking forward to more.  I actually felt clearer and lighter after our sessions.  She also shared some very specific information with me that was totally on point.  Lucy is a natural intuitive.  I have experienced things with her that I never have before.  I have a newfound optimism,  Thank you!  If you have physical or emotional wounds to heal or you want to feel better and discover your life purpose, I highly recommend LifeSpark.  Fantastic Experience!"

Julia R.​ -- Hinsdale, IL.

" I recently broke my ankle and after 3 weeks in a boot I wasn't making much progress.  My ankle was still very swollen and painful, also couldn't walk without crutches.  Lucy gave me a series of 5 daily treatments and I noticed more healing in just those 5 days.  The swelling was noticeably reduced and the pain was much less.  Also, I didn't need the assistance of my crutches or pain meds. My normal response would have been to visit my doctor  but I'm happy I gave energy healing a try.  I highly recommend Lucy and LifeSpark. "

Odd J. - Clarendon Hills, IL.

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